Health & Safety.

Building a safer place to work

Our comprehensive OHS program is multi-jurisdictional for safety compliance across North America.

With experience in multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional construction projects across Canada and the US, our occupational health and safety program is recognized as one of the most robust and comprehensive OHS policies in North America. This ensures safety compliance with extensive knowledge of all safety requirements across jurisdictions.

Multi-Jurisdictional Safety Compliance

Through our industry leading health and safety program, every member of our team is committed to achieving a zero-incident standard on every project we work on, across North America.

COR Certified: Committed to the highest standards of safety.

On-site safety begins in the pre-construction phase.

Our pre-construction stage is not only where we analyze cost-saving and value-added solutions, but it’s also where we identify potential on-site constructability issues, risks, and hazards. The lasting result of our rigorous, extensive, and proven pre-construction process is a safe, risk-averse, code-compliant, and completed on-schedule project. This is what we’re known for, and why we’re trusted and referred to by so many warranty and insurance companies, engineering and architectural consulting firms, and financial institutions and bank lenders.

A safety program supported by extensive knowledge of building codes and standards.

As an extension to our comprehensive occupational health and safety program, we work closely with our clients to ensure their projects are compliant with all building codes and standards. When followed properly, and accounted for early in the pre-construction phase, code-compliant worksites reduce lost-time incidents and improve on-site productivity, maintaining project timelines and ensuring long-lasting, profitable building operations. Our knowledge of building codes and practices span multiple jurisdictions across North America, and are applicable to the multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional building sectors.