Contact phone numbers for the following references are available from Peak:




  • Lance Barnett            Barnett Dembek Architects
  • Peter Huggins            Burrowes Huggins Architects
  • Diran Horozian           GBL Architects
  • Ron Allen                  Ron Allen Architects
  • Don Andrews             Creekside Architects




  • Darryl Bowers            Weiler Smith Bowers
  • Larry Wood                Aqua Coast Engineering
  • Dino Chies                 EXP Services Ltd.
  • Shakir Rashid            Levelton Consultants Ltd.




  • Dominic Li                 Wanson Development Ltd.
  • Tim Kroeker               Redekop Homes Ltd.
  • Jason Kapadia           Triton Ventures Corp.
  • Kristin Peng               Toyo Developments  Ltd.
  • Pat Deluca                 Allegro Properties Inc.
  • Bruce Ma                   HJ Property Investments Inc.

Strata references by direct request only to ensure privacy and confidentiality.